A combination of:

  • re-reading a blog by @drob encouraging aspiring data scientists to write a blog, and

  • a desire to have more people where I work writing and communicating technical ideas both to colleagues and externally

led me to revisit this site, something I first started about a year ago (I thought I should perhaps practice what I’m preaching).

One thing I was struggling with was a name for the site, when I remembered an article titled ‘Rise of the Neo-Generalist’ that I’d come across whilst researching for a talk I had to give (the talk was about future opportunities for actuarial1 skillsets).

One particular paragraph in the article stood out for me, possibly justifying my own restlessness in seeking out new areas to explore.

The neo-generalist defies easy classification. They are tricksters who traverse multiple domains, living between categories and labels. Encompassing rather than rejecting, the neo-generalist is both specialist and generalist. A restless multidisciplinarian who is forever learning. They bring together diverse people, synthesising ideas and practice, addressing the big issues that confront us in order to shape a better future.

And so I thought I would use that term for this site…

  1. Disclaimer, I’m not an actuary. [return]